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Our Goal

The Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyers here at Levin & Zeiger LLP, focus on Dog Bite Law. Our main goal is to help our clients after they suffer a loss from a dog bite or dog attack. Many of our clients have suffered physical, mental, and emotional pain from a dog bite, we aim to help these people get back to living a normal life again. Our goal is to help anyone who suffers an injury from a dog bite or dog attack. If you are Injured by a dog bite, call us, the Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyers now at (215) 825-5183.

Award Winning Lawyers

Gabriel Levin and Brian Zeiger have both been recognized as Super Lawyers in Pennsylvania. The award is given to those attorneys that are distinguished in their field of practice. Only the top 5% of all attorneys in the state are given the award. Call today if you have been injured by a dog or animal attack. We will fight to get you justice 215.825.5183

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